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I have been interested in skincare for most of my life.  I had problems with my skin growing up as a teenager and started experimenting on my own skin when the doctors could not help me.  I was able to get my problem skin under control and as a teenager had people ask me all the time what I did to have such beautiful skin.  However, after I got married and had kids I got laxed about my skincare.  I paid the price.  After suffering skin damage and seeing the effects of aging, I once again decided it was time to get serious about my skincare.  I became an esthetician and decided that it was time to not only help my skin but others as well.  I have extensive knowledge in the different problem areas that effect our skin, from acne to age spots.  I believe in going the extra mile for my clients, offering before and after photos throughout their treatment with me.  I email my clients frequently with skin articles and updates on the latest treatments available. I like to approach the care of my clients skin as if we are a team.  Please stop by and see me for a free consultation.